Our Mission

To increase public awareness of the needs of veterans and their families, and to encourage widespread support to help meet those needs!

The Ask

Our plan is very simple, and it will not cost you anything beyond what you are now spending. Figure out how much your monthly electric bills are on average per month when you do not have your air conditioning on. Then figure out how much your electricity bills increase during the time that you use your a/c. For example., you may spend $100.00 per month in the winter, and $250.00 in the summer. That $150.00 increase divided by 30(days) works out to $5.00 per day for air conditioning.
Suppose then that you turn your a/c off for one day and Sweat for a Vet. Take that money and donate it to any veteran or any organization of your choice that provides assistance to veterans and/ or their families.
Get creative. Get some of your friends and neighbors to sweat for a day. Pool your donations and vote on who to give the money to.Or you could sweat for more than one day. Or sweat once each month.
Does this sound like a real hardship? Think about it for a moment. How many of our men and women in uniform have served months or even years in places with extreme heat, places like the South Pacific, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. Many not only served in those areas but also fought there.
We are only asking you to sweat for a day or two or more if you are inspired to do so.Don’t send any funds that you raise to us. Donate directly to whomever you choose, then share your stories with us.
We will not recommend any specific organization for you to donate to but will give you some examples of what is now being done. Many charities serve veterans and their families exclusively and many do not. Many help specific populations such as disabled veterans. Some concentrate their good works on active duty military and their families.
Some groups that you may think of as social clubs actually do a great deal of service work for veterans. Many religious groups contribute time and spiritual support as well as inspirational literature.
There is an organization much like the MacDonald House organization, which provides needed food and lodging for families of wounded active duty military, often for long periods of time during protracted rehabilitation.
There are groups that provide summer camps, mentoring and other activities for the children of active duty men and women, as well as for children of deceased veterans.
Many of us honor our Veterans at public events, and many of us voice a heartfelt thanks to them for their service. This is another way that we can say thank you in a meaningful way.

Our promises

1. We will always remain non-political.
2. We will not affiliate with any Veterans group or commercial enterprise, although we hope that these entities will encourage participation among their members and others.
3. We will not accept any donations of funds raised by those who sweat for Vets. Send those funds directly to a charity of your choice that helps veterans and their families.When you Sweat
WE have one request, and that is that we hear from you when you sweat. We would love to know what you did. Did you sweat alone or with a group? In terms of dollars, how much was raised. Tell us the name of your group if it has one. Tell us where the money went. Tell us anything about your experience. Encourage others to join us
If you are planning to sweat, tell us your plans. Give us fresh ideas and suggestions.
Thank you